Starchamber.TV's Peter Doell speaks with the amazing producer/engineer/mixer Tony Shepperd.

Heralded recording engineer / Producer Tony Shepperd has logged over three decades in the music business. “I knew from a very young age" he says, "that I wanted to be in music".

He landed his first big break in 1986 when Mervyn Warren (of the group Take 6) called and when Mervyn ventured out from Take 6 in 1991 - to launch his independent producing career - his engineer of choice was Tony Shepperd.

Tony immediately began work on a year-long project with Warren - called Handel's Messiah: A Soulful Celebration - which featured 30 of music's top artists including Patti Austin, Tevin Campbell, Stevie Wonder, and Quincy Jones.

It wasn’t long until the Walt Disney Company began calling and the duo hooked up to do the soundtrack for Sister Act Two. Then, in 1994 when Kurzweil asked Take 6 to create a stellar vocal library, Tony was ready to display his unique skills of recording gorgeous vocals. The result of their efforts Keyboard Magazine called ‘the preeminent vocal library ever recorded’.

Tony went on to as he puts it, “to get a Ph.D. in music” working with singer/songwriter Kenny Loggins on his "It’s About Time" release. “Both of these men (Warren and Loggins) that I have had the opportunity to learn from have made me become better", Tony continues "They have a vision of their music and want to hear that vision coming through the monitors. It has made me become a better listener and taken me to a whole other level mix-wise."

Tony Shepperd is the owner The Mix Factory recording studio and will soon release his own summing box (also called The Mix Factory) which was his concept, designed by the legendary Paul Wolff, and manufactured by A Designs Audio.

Tony's recorded work includes artists such as Take 6, Stevie Wonder, Kenny Loggins, Neil Diamond, Lionel Ritchie, Michael Jackson, Barbra Streisand, Quincy Jones, Diana Ross, Madonna, Whitney Houston and many more.

Tony's Master Series 1 and Master Series 2 can be found at

Tony Shepperd is the host of the upcoming new web tv series "Tony Shepperd's Tech Breakfast" on

Tony presides over a town-hall style discussion with a community of a-list music industry insiders.

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