This week's gathering took place indoors (at an undisclosed space in normally sunny Burbank, CA) due a previously scheduled wedding reception upstaging our weekly event! And the numbers were trimmed, both intentionally and un-, when several people learned that they wouldn't be dining with Al (Fresco) this week. Paul Wolff was in town and on hand this week, and he brought along Jesse Honig and Erika Earl, both from Slate Digital... nice to see them! ( Jeri Palumbo was likewise back on the 'scene', fresh from a trip to Denmark, and rife with fascinating stories. Mr. Bonzai was holding court and snapped some delightful MONOCHROME shots of the day's small group for posterity. Next week: the patio returneth!!!

music industry pros-Daniel F. Vicari, Peter Doell, Steve Sykes, Flash Feruccio

music business tech leaders Maor Appelbaum, Paul Wolff, Gary Myerberg-Lauter, J.J. Blair and Gino business professionals Gino Bambino and Mr. Bonzai

music lunch bunch - Shannon Deane, EveAnna Dauray Manley, Erika Patriz Earl, Eric Geoffrey Honig











Today's Starchamber Audio Lunch Bunch!  — with Shannon Deane, EveAnna Manley, Erika Patriz Earl, Eric Geoffrey Honig, Daniel F. Vicari, Steve Sykes, Flash Feruccio, Paul Wolff, Gary Myerberg-Lauter, J.J. Blair, Gino Bambino, Jeri PalumboMaor Appelbaum, with Pete Doell and Mr. Bonzai at an undisclosed location in sunny Burbank, CA.  Photographs by Mr. Bonzai.

Who are the people attending the Starchamber Audio Lunch?
Only some of the most esteemed music-industry heroes to grace planet earth.


You can also enjoy the Podcast of Inside the Starchamber's pilot episode featuring EastWest Studios Candace Stewart and Breath of Life Records Tony Shepperd.

podcast: Inside the Starchamber music industry interviews & discussion hollywood, california recording engineers & producers