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In a Man’s World - although it must be said there are some very great women in the field - Al Schmitt is The MAN!

To enumerate all of the great artists that Al has recorded, it would be far more efficient to just list the 7 or 8 that he hasn’t...yet. And although he has worn many hats over his long career (mixer, producer, label owner, author, educator) he always returns to the thing he loves so much and for which his is a singular talent: recording. Sure, his uncle had a recording studio when Al was just a kid in Brooklyn. Sure he had been a drummer. But that doesn’t begin to explain the magic connection Al has with an artist whenever they are in the studio! First off he wants to make a deal - he will give you the most comfortable creative situation that you could ever hope for - he will make you sound better than you do in your dreams. And in turn you give him back the performance of your life. Simple.

Al MWTMTommy, Paul & AlAnd Al can eek out this magic from both singers and instrumentalists alike. His 20+ Grammy™ Awards testify to that skill, an achievement unequalled by anyone else. His engineering talents are displayed on releases by Al JarreauDiane SchuurDavid Benoit, Diana KrallJoe SampleBob Dylan, Paul McCartney, Ray Charles, Dave GrusinNatalie ColeToto, Luther VandrossDee Dee BridgewaterVanessa WilliamsToni BraxtonMadonnaAnita BakerFrank Sinatra, and John Raitt.

2 Baby"Al's minimalist approach to his craft lets the listener hear the beauty and the sexiness of the music" - Pete Doell.Al & Geoff






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Geoff Emerick

Producer, Recording Engineer, Mixing Engineer, Legend

Geoff Emerick broke the mold - once and for all - in the engineering of popular recorded music: he defined "original". No one before (or since) took to recording such outlandishly wondrous-sounds as he! All those who follow in his wake are forever caught emulating the sonic paintings he left behind in his recordings.

He saw colors in sound, and his sonic palette was astounding and incredibly varied - especially so given the era, and the relative dearth of options available. Todays engineers have every tool they could want and yet their work mostly compares unfavorably with Geoff's work of a half-century ago! 

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Geoff became, unwittingly, the fellow EVERY guy (and some gals, too) wanted to be: he helped to shape a musical legacy that's 50 years strong, and counting: The Beatles, Zombies, America, Elvis Costello, Robin Trower, Wings, Steeler's Wheel... and many others.

While the recording engineers of today use techniques (e.g. close-miking) he pioneered - often raising the ire of his EMI bosses - Geoff was a true original. When tasked by the Beatles to regularly come up with a never-before-heard sound for something, Geoff was always up to the challenge, repeatedly coming up with novel sounds that todays engineers still scratch their heads over! Consider the bombastic sound of Ringo's drums on "A Day In The Life", the hyper-present strings on "Eleanor Rigby", John's other-worldly vocal on "Strawberry Fields" and much, much more!

Less generally known was how gentle and down-to-earth this giant of a man was. Certainly to those who understood the 'Men Behind the Curtain", he shared musical Olympian status - right along with his most famous charges, The Beatles. A four-time Grammy™ winner, yet the true value of the man was known to only those few lucky enough to know him.

RIP, Geoffrey E. Emerick