Starchamber.TV's Peter Doell talks with the recording engineer - producer Alex Oana.

Alex Oana got his start in audio recording in Minnesota - both engineering and producing sessions in world-class SSL, Neve, and API rooms - before relocating to the Mecca of the music industry: Los Angeles.

His lifelong love-affair with crafting sound has led him to make compelling recordings that move people emotionally and express something true about the human experience.

The producer, mixer and arranger cemented his place in the music industry by amassing a discography that features an array of indie and major label artists. Alex's interests and talents have carried him to writing for Pro Audio Review, Pro Sound News, Audio Media and Sound on Sound, handling front of house sound responsibilities for N.E.R.D and even handling front of house sound responsibilities for N.E.R.D.

While working for Vintage King, Alex worked with Slate Digital and Slate Pro Audio, which in turn lead to him inventing a breakthrough product called The RAVEN for Slate - an innovative, first-of-its-kind multi-touch DAW controller.

Alex helmed a creative team and worked intimately on the system’s software and hardware design, completing the project in two years and delivering a professional product to market that won over pro-audio critics and music producers alike.

Upon returning to Vintage King in early 2014, Alex Oana has once again brought his incredible experience to audio clients worldwide.